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Yogic Life Coaching

with Jo


The Twelve Week Programme designed to Nourish, Nurture and reinvigorate your sense of purpose!

What if you had unlimited access to a life coach with your well being and movement forward at the heart of their programme with you? What if that included Yoga, exercise, meditation, Reiki, Massage, Crystal healing, workshops, 1:1 sessions, regular 'check ins' AND a personalised agenda aimed at helping you make PERMANENT life changes for your optimum self to shine through? What if it took 12 weeks?

What I've noticed is, that accountability and the trust it takes to share the burden of it with your coach, takes more than just an hour or two here and there: it takes a bit of structure, some flexibility and regular, varied contact to ensure YOU get the results YOU want and to build the coach/client relationship YOU deserve. What I've also noticed is: it can take as little as 12 weeks to transform you for a lifetime!

My 'Zero to Hero' package is truly unique. You'll get:

*A FREE initial consultation to discuss your needs and desires and to set some manageable goals

* A personality assessment to ascertain how YOU best like to work

*Unlimited Yoga/Qi Gung/Pilates classes at TBIS studios across 12 weeks

*An exercise programme to suit you (if this is something you want!)

*Health and Well Being tips

* A once a week, face to face, 2 hour coaching session

* Daily support in email/text/message format

* A once a week half hour 'check in' call

* A once a week energy lift experience: either Reiki, massage crystal therapy, a walk/run or paddleboarding experience or 1:1 Yoga and meditation

Unlimited access to the workshops & special events at TBIS studios: things like sound baths, guided meditations, seminars and so on

If this sound like something you've been waiting for please call the studio, email or go to our contact page to enquire about your first FREE consultation session! I can't wait to start, can you?!