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Reiki - Indian Head Massage - Crystal Therapy-



Treatments with Jo

Although Jo is predominantly a Teacher by nature, her passion for the healing aspects of Yoga naturally took her into the healing arts of Reiki, Crystals and Massage. She works intuitively, so many treatments may involve other modalities if she feels you need them, but she tries to be good and stick to what you've booked in for! 

Please browse the treatments below and email [email protected] or call 07816954863 to book.


Reiki is a soothing treatment suitable for painful body problems, to get some relaxation, or to rebalance the emotions. Hands are placed on or just above the energy centres - 'Chakras' - of the body. Suitable for all, the only contra indication would be if you have a pace maker so please ensure you tell Jo if this is the case.

£40 1 hour treatment - 

combine with crystals for an extra £10

Crystal Therapy

Crystals are placed on or around the body in this powerful treatment. The energy of the crystals helps break up 'blockages' in the energetic layers around the body and can have a huge impact on well being immediately. Some aspects are not suitable in first trimester of pregnancy, so ensure you share with Jo if you are expecting!

£40 1 hour treatment -

combine with Reiki for an extra £10

Indian Head Massage

A head massage stimulates the scalp, lymphatic system and bloodflow. It also soothes the nervous system and is deeply relaxing. You will be massaged across the shoulders and upper back, up the neck and into the hair. Jo also massages your face, for a truly peaceful experience. She uses natural grapeseed oil and essential aromatherapy oils to mix your oreferred blend. Please make her aware if you have any allergies, cuts or abrasions to massaged areas or have neck/spine/skull injuries.

£35 40 min treatment -

Reiki + Massage = £68

Crystal massage/Crystal Facial

Crystal massage involves lying fully clothed on the couch and having 'palm' stones run across the back of the body in a sequence of circles, swirls and lines. Deeply relaxing, it not only stimulates physically, but also heals energetically. A lovely gift for anyone new to healing, or as a treat for yourself! No contraindications, either, so safe for all.

A crystal facial involves using crystal tools to smooth the face, brow and hairline for a beautifully toning and rejuvenating facial.

Each: £30 30min treatment -

add either to any other treatment for £15



A Tarot reading can help us clarify our thought processes, make decisions and 

soothe our fears. I work intuitively with each client and no two readings follow

the same 'format'! We sit for around 45-60minutes and discuss the themes you'd

like to explore, then look to the cards for feedback. I believe they demonstrate the

current energy with which you're aligned, so there's always choice, there's always

the freedom to change and there's no such thing as one set outcome! Great as a

gift and lovely as a way to help you progress when those big crossroads in life

pop up, my readings have been called 'spookily true' & 'wonderfully accurate'. 

Mini 6 month look ahead: £35

Full reading: £45


You can now book treatments online at! Please set up a profile, then search 'The Breathe in Space' and check availability. If something is listed in a time slot that you would prefer to swap for an alternative treatment, please contact me on 07816954863 or [email protected] and I will accommodate your needs as far as is possible.