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About Us 

Meet the team!


Yoga & Meditation 

Jo Moore

Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Pregnancy, Chair, Mum&Baby, Kids and Teens Yoga and Otago

Jo is the founder of The Breathe in Space and its proprietor. Her passion for Yoga stems from a personal practice spanning 20 years. Her favourite part of any class she attends is the bit at the end when you get to relax! Central to her teaching is the mantra: relaxation saves lives. She advocates mindfulness in the extreme: come along and have a nap if that is what your body needs! Try out her Reiki Rest and Restore session and you'll never look back! 

Jo also offers Reiki, Crystal Healing, Indian Head Massage, 1:1 Reiki training to all levels and Spritual Life Coaching. She is also very fond of reading Tarot and offers unique insight via this ancient art of Divining!


Mandala Moon Therapies


Therapy and Consultancy Solutions

Mandala Moon Therapies

Ashleigh offers:

 Sound Therapy, Reiki, Gua Sha Massage, Cupping Massage, Biofield Clearing, Hot Stones Massage, Bamboo Massage and more, Ashleigh is available for appointments from Tuesday to Saturday.

To book a treatment go to:

or call 07908596236

Therapy & Consultancy Solutions

Lauren Crozier-Moore is an experienced Occupational Therapist of nine years. She provides an Occupational Therapy-focused and holistic perspective in the form of; consultation, assessment, formulation, and therapeutic interventions for a wide range of mental health difficulties that inhibit or restrict individuals doing the things the​y need to or want to do. She specialises in working with children and young adults.

Contact her at  [email protected] 

                       Holistic Heritage

Phiona offers: Mizan therapy, Reflexology, Crystal Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Thermal Auricular Therapy & Facial Cupping. 

To book your treatment of choice go to 


   Olivia Hickman

Women’s wellness coach, Aura Transformation Mediator and Yoga teacher, Olivia specialises in Cyclical living and Women's Wellbeing.

Please contact Olivia at to book a consultation or coaching session