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What You’ll Need to Know​


Yoga & Classes: be in the Know!

We supply mats, bolsters, blocks, bricks & blankets, which are sanitised at the end of every session and washed weekly. However, you are welcome to bring your own!

Shoes are not permitted in any part of The Breathe in Space studios, Well Being Lounge or Therapy rooms - we sell socks/slippers for you to wear or feel free to bring your own.

No one likes the sound of mobile phones going off during a relaxing Yoga session, so we politely ask that all ‘gadgetry’ be left in a locker until after the class is over! 

For Yoga, Chi Gung, Pilates & Otago it’s best to wear something loose fitting or ‘sports wear’. For Chair Yoga you can wear your day to day clothes.

During kids classes we politely ask that parents and careers access our FREE Well Being Lounge for a cup of herbal tea, a chat and a rest! Children, as we’re sure you’re aware, tend to behave very differently in front of an audience! All our instructors working with those below 18 are DBS registered and qualified so your kids are in safe hands! NB if your child has a significant or additional need please discuss it with us before booking so we can ensure best practise and safety is adhered to

Access to studios is via the main car park, off High Street, through the double gates. Our steps are as old as parts of the building, so please go carefully up and down them! Come to Main Reception to be greeted by your host and to access lockers for your belongings/shoes. NB if you haven’t booked, places may still be available for ‘drop ins’ but we can’t always promise this!

Exiting the building, during Covid Restricted periods, is via the FRONT doors, from studios. This means you will need to go around to the back again to collect things from lockers. Apologies for inconvenience, but it means we can keep a one way flow going and ventilate/clean studio in between sessions more efficiently!

COVID Restrictions mean: if you feel unwell or have symptoms of Covid, or have received notification you may be at risk of carrying Covid, you may not attend your session - full refunds will be given. A mask MUST be worn in all social areas: receptions, Well Being Lounge, stair wells and so on, but can be taken off if you are seated and having a drink or on your mat for a class. We provide hand sanitiser and ask you use it on entering the building. The NHS track and Trace code is found in either reception and we ask you scan it to check in on your phone before class. If you use one of our two (fabulous) toilets, we ask politely that you utilise the sanitising wipes provided to wipe the seat, touch buttons, taps, light switch and door handles after use. After each session your teacher will ask you to wipe around your mat/over your mat if borrowed to help keep sanitising times to a minimum. 

If, at ANY time, you feel unwell - with COVID symptoms or anything else - PLEASE TELL YOUR TEACHER. Jo Moore is the First Aider on Site, but your teacher will, in most cases, also be qualified to assist you.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to class, even if booked and paid for, in the instances of: abusive/inappropriate behaviour and language, lateness to class, intoxication, all at the discretion of the proprietress and/or teacher

Everything Else

The car park can comfortably house 6 cars if we utilise the space well and consider other drivers! If you prefer a bigger space, please park in the large Waitrose car park just up the road, where you will have 2 hours free parking

If you have a holistic treatment, access is via the large iron staircase on the outside of the building. Mind your step, especially in wet weather, and always use the handrail! Please go through the door at the top and wait in the reception area for your practitioner to greet you. Shoes and belongings can be housed in a locker, provided there.

Teas and fruit are FREE in the WellBeing Lounge. (We just ask that you drop some loose change in the bowl if you have any, to help us keep supplies topped up!) Stay as long as you like between classes and treatments to refresh yourself, ‘ground’ or just to meet others and have a chat. We provide books for you to top up your knowledge on Yoga and all things holistic - but please don’t ‘borrow’ them away from the building!

Although we welcome ‘long stay’ visitors, we politely ask you keep the volume of conversations low - especially in the WellBeing Lounge where sound carries up to the treatment rooms above.

All our practitioners are qualified to teach/heal and have provided certificates

Our premises and our classes and holistic treatments are all covered by public liability and professional insurances

Our premises has received a Fire Safety audit from the local authority - Jo & Ashleigh are your Fire Marshalls. In case of the alarms sounding, please exit building through the available exits and gather outside gates on High Street to be accounted for

Our premises is fully alarmed and no cash/valuables are stored there overnight