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The Breathe in Space

Pay it Forward



In asociation with Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service

As Yoga teachers and holistic therapies we are often uniquely placed to provide safe and nurturing environments in which people feel secure enough to divulge information about their lives that they may not share anywhere else. We take this role very seriously and honour and respect anyone brave enough to disclose personal information and take the first step towards asking for help. Many practitioners have therefore received training from the Cut it Out training course from NDAS and Northants Police in order to best signpost those who need support.

As such, we have teamed up with NDAS and created the 'pay it forward' initiative. This donation based scheme invites you, whenever you feel the urge, to donate a flat amount of just £5 towards a treatment or Yoga class for a resident of the local domestic abuse hostel, or a member of one of its many support programmes. Your donation will be added to others received to pay for Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Counselling, Massage or Yoga for someone, somewhere in the local community in dire need of our support, healing and encouragement. All therapists involved will provide a discreet and person centred, trauma sensitive treatment or class aimed at soothing and rejuvenating a soul in need.

Pay it forward. To donate, please speak to your teacher or therapist at The Breathe in Space.