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From Phillip, who attends a local centre for adults withLD, MHI, brain injuries, Autism and Aspergers:

'I find the Yoga very relaxing and theraputic. Not only is it enjoyable, but it helps my mind and thought processes. It is good to lie down and contemplate, taking things slowly and gently.'

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From Natalie, a health care provider in a local residential home for the elderly:

'(the residents) find the gentle exercise really beneficial. I often hear them chatting over dinner as to the benefits the Chair Yoga sessions bring them. I can't recommend her highly enough!'

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From Kim,regular attendee of Hatha Yoga classes

'...meditation on Monday was amazing! I could see lots of little white sparkling balls - like looking at the sky with stars. Occasionally a different coloured light like a sea creature would waft across them. Felt so good and had the best night's sleep in ages, so thank you for that!'

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From Jenny, CEO of Spectrum, Northampton:

'Jo is accommodating, fun and very professional. She is able to adjust each lesson to the individual learner and the feedback we get from our users is one of enjoyment.'

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From Anita, a regular in yoga classes and attendee on spring retreat:

' looked after our every need....I feel so relaxed after my time with you! I made some wonderful friends and am so grateful to have found yoga again at this stage in my spread a calming joy!'

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From Lisa, a crystal healing client:

' The crystal healing was wonderful! Jo is so calm and caring. My session was very cleansing and informative, and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend Jo for her healing skills.'

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From Katie, a pregnancy Yoga client:

'It's so wonderful to reconnect with my body again!'

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From Lisa, a regular Indian Head Massage Client:

'Perfect for relaxation - I was made to feel very chilled out. Thank you!'

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