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The Breathe in Space:


Well Being



During the Pandemic a lot of us had time to reassess our priorities and review which direction to take our lives next! After much soul searching (and number crunching!) Jo Moore realised a dream and  fulfilled a life long ambition to house all her passions: for Yoga, for wellbeing, for Healing, under one roof, and took over 21 Welford Road in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. The spaces this majestic building offered fed her imagination and delivered TWO Yoga studios, ONE wellbeing lounge and FIVE treatment spaces. Known now as ‘The Breathe in Space’ we can’t wait to show you around and offer you the best Northampton has to offer in ‘wellness, not fitness’ and practitioners with as much passion and zest for their fields as Jo! We aim to be THE place to go for relaxation, wellbeing and mindful calm. 

Where to Find us

We are in the building that used to house ‘Cuts’ next to ‘Crop shop’ at 21 Welford Road, NN2 8AE. There is a tight corner into High Street to find the car park where you will access all aspects of The Breathe in Space by vehicle or on foot.